Who we are

Eric Szollosy is an independent professional pursuing the ultimate goal of delivering superior service in the disciplines of design, animation and web development. Delivering a high-end product in a cost-effective manner is what it's all about these days. With the economy poised to recover in ways that no one can accurately predict, sole-proprietors like myself can offer a unique position of service. I look to provide a means to take advantage of that growth, both in my own freelance business model as well as through the work I do for my clients.

Then what's with the we?

That's a valid question. Throughout the website and our own marketing material you'll often see Eric Szollosy or ericszollosy.com mentioned as a group of individuals as opposed to a single person. Hence the "we." While the core of any project tends to revolve around Eric, the wide network of additional freelance resources and partnerships is what makes our sophisticated workflow acceleration possible.

As such, any project found to require extraneous detail consideration and task management can be immediately delegated throughout our rich network of freelance partners and professionals. This allows us to become much more than a traditional freelancer; providing you with the broad collective of elements necessary to get the job done. We strive to evolve every day to continue to provide the highest level of service, quality, and efficiency to our clients. Being 100% transparent is more important than ever and is essential to open communication across all parties.

What we do

Providing superior execution of projects in all avenues of design, animation, production, and interactive development is what we're all about. Whether you require a full package or piece-meal services, we can accommodate any scope of work. Below you'll find an overview of each of our top-tier services.


Concept is KingConcept is king. Design is more than just eye-candy, even more than just graphics in general. Design is the careful crafting of a concept from nothing into reality. Your project's design creates and furthers the look & feel you desire for your vision. In the realm of graphic design, this is where most of your work will be done. But, with more elaborate video, interactive, and animation work, design is just the first phase in your larger-scale project.


Interactive Animation for a Custom WebsiteBreathing life into concept is the fundamental magic of animation. Be it 2D or 3D, broadcast or film, our animation services will push the envelope of what you thought was possible within your project constraints. With extensive experience in 3D product animation, model creation, set-extension, and dynamics, our animation team can produce on-screen what you could only imagine before. We specialize not only in pure 3D animations, but also 3D/live-action compositing in the stylized and photo-realistic veins. Visual FX compositing knowledge, education, and practice is centered at the core of Eric's background and skill-set. This makes consultation throughout any type of complex animation project an effective and informative experience. Coupled with post and finishing skills that are top-notch, you can be confident that the particularly tricky shot you were worried about is going to come off beautifully.


On-Location ProductionYou'll also find us on-set when it comes to the actual production of your video project. Due to our extended partnerships, we're outfitted to provide mid-to-large scale production services. This allows us to continue to maintain our expected level of service throughout the entire project, without compromising on a talented crew and proper procedure. Production schedules, equipment rentals and overall project coordination must be in sync with each other if the shoot is to be a success. Let us handle the tough stuff and free up your focus. We want our clients to be involved as much or as little as they want to be.

Interactive & Web Development

Website development, management, and SEO are all part of our Interactive processInteraction is key when engaging your target demographic. When your consumers are happy about what they're clicking on, the response is almost always overwhelmingly positive. Interactive development spans a large range of creative services. From website development, to tradeshow kiosks, to full blown interactive CDs, to custom online video players. Our interactive development team can deliver on par every time. Due to the complex nature of the web and interactive, we understand that much of the project's interactive portion may be very confusing at first. We want to make things as easy as possible for our clients and are always more than willing to walk you through what each project phase will entail. Please don't hesitate to contact us!

While our skills in each respective discipline have always been at the core of what we do, we believe that stellar personal service and a willingness to collaborate and learn along with our clients is what makes our process so effective. We know that being easy to work with makes it easy for you to continue to count on us for all your media related projects. If you're at all curious about how we can streamline your projects and improve your bottom line, Contact Us! We're always excited to learn about your upcoming venture and provide as much initial information as we can.