Digital Creative Problem Solver

In 2020, my digital design creative media producing sole proprietorship turns 10 years old. It’s incredible to be looking forward to a new decade of innovation & evolution, here and now. How did I get here?

Credentials I’ve acquired that may provide insight into my background on paper include:

CCNA Certificate from 2004 to 2005 – Trained and worked as a Cisco Certified Network Associate immediately after graduating from Parkland high school in Allentown, PA.

Bachelor’s of Science degree in Visual Effects & Motion Graphics – Obtained my 4 year undergraduate degree from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 2008. Receiving the “Best of Show” portfolio review award and graduating at the top of my class.

Lead Designer, Technical Director & Motion Graphics Artist at Ameritech Media – I was hired as what was, essentially, the lead post-production “Guy” at a medium sized creative services firm and ad agency in Harrisburg, PA. I was responsible for everything in the post-production pipeline and making sure it looked stellar for it’s budget. Everything from interactive touch-screen kiosk animation and coding to fully custom DVDs and corporate video training simulators to high-end broadcast commercials. Ameritech is where I cut my teeth on larger-scale east coast advertising work.

Sole Proprietor: Eric Szollosy Design, Animation, Interactive. – As I left the full-time corporate world and gradually became 100% freelancer, I worked as a number of entities depending on what was most prevalent project-wise. This became loosely solidified as design, animation and interactive. Which was accurate for a time.. But, now, as abilities, vision, and aspirations grow and more is being added to the ever growing inferno of my engine room. This simple framework will no longer do.

Eric Szollosy Creative Services – In 2020, we’re clearing things up. Now, when you’re hiring Eric Szollosy, You’re hiring Eric Szollosy Creative Services. Whether we’re building an interactive art installation, producing a commercial spot, performing a live show, creating a custom piece of furniture, producing a documentary, etc.. You get the full gamut and arsenal of ability that has made Eric Szollosy Creative Services what it is today. I feel that now, more than ever, the conglomeration of all of my deep skill sets together into one creative force can produce that next-level content and big-deal delivery that my clients will ever need, and ever seek.

Onward and upward, Let’s create something that changes the world!